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Paul Thomas has been an Oklahoma media producer for over 25 years. Experienced with both plaintiff and defense cases, Paul brings his well-rounded experience to cases involving automobile accident, products liability, aviation, criminal defense, and medical malpractice. He is privileged to have worked with Oklahoma's leading expert witnesses including Frank Appl, Ron Blevins, C.J. Halley, Jim Jackson, Larry Owen, Robert Painter, and Cline Young.

Law professionals nationally have relied upon Paul for his accurate demonstrative evidence media. He has the knowledge, expertise and tools necessary to consistently produce high quality demonstrative media support. Paul's close association with local and regional media professionals gives him the advantage of customizing projects to meet his clients' needs. See Gallery.

Paul uses professional Panasonic and Sony HD video cameras and the highest quality photographic equipment made by Nikon and Canon. Well versed in both Apple and PC computers, he relies upon Apple computers for HD video and audio production.

Paul began producing accident reconstruction animations in the 1980's using motion-picture film. Today he relies upon Autodesk's 3D Studio Max and Apple's Motion for 3D animation and graphics. 3D animation is created using 3D Studio Max running on the PC.